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Osaka Lee Clinic



Osaka Lee Medical Health Center



House-visit Rehabilitation



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About Osaka Lee Clinic

About Osaka Lee Clinic

We have been aiming to provide community-based primary care since we opened our office in January 1998 with the motto "Trust, Hope, Love. In November 2017, we opened the "e-Health Checkup Center" to provide health checkups, which is the foundation of primary care (initial and basic care) that we have been providing since our establishment.

About Osaka Lee Clinic

We provide
① A clinic for the treatment and diagnosis of diseases (1F) (walk-in/outpatient)
② Home-visit care (house calls) for those who are bedridden and unable to visit the hospital (by contracts /appointments)
③ Medical health check center (2F) for early detection of diseases and health checkups (by appointments)
④ Home-visit rehabilitation (3F) for rehabilitation at home and improvement of functions (by contracts /appointments)
⑤ Nutritional consultation to improve or slow down the progression of diabetes, lifestyle-related diseases, and dementia (twice a month on Wednesday by appointments)
⑥ Conduct surveys and research for the future of medical care
⑦ Conduct clinical trials

Message from the Director

Message from the Director

 We aim to contribute to community health care by providing new medical technology and by being a clinic that values heart-to-heart relationships. Doctors, nurses, physical therapists, nutritionists, and administrative staff work as one medical team to support each patient.
We are also available in Japanese, English, Mandarin and Korean, so please support us as we strive to provide the same medical services to tourists and foreign residents in Japan.


Physician / Doctor of Medicine / Japanese Board Certified Specialist in Internal Medicine / Japan Medical Association Certified Industrial Physician
Registered Physician, Japan Diabetes Association / Dementia Support Physician / Councilor, Osaka Society of Internal Medicine

access map

access map
  • 1-chome13-15, Honjo-nishi, kita-ku, Osaka-city, Japan 531-0073
  • TEL:06-6292-0155
  • FAX:06-6292-1016

There is no parking lot. Please use a nearby parking lot.

Nakazakicho Station (Tanimachi Line) 7 minutes walk from Exit②

Tenjinbashisuji Rokuchome Station (Tanimachi /Sakaisuji Line)10 minutes walk from Exit⑪

Nakatsu Station (Midosuji Line) 10 miniutes walk from Exit①