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Medical Health Check-up Information

Information on Leeclinic

In November 2017, we opened the eHealth Checkup Center. Although the average life expectancy is increasing year by year, there is a considerable gap between the healthy life expectancy and the healthy life expectancy. We are looking forward to seeing you at our center for the purpose of understanding symptoms and health conditions that you may not have noticed in your daily life, and for early detection of diseases.

Medical Check-up Opening Hours

Osaka Lee Medical Health Center reception is opening from 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM, Monday through Saturday, except holidays and national holidays.
And from 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM only on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Phone enquiries and appointments making are also available during the above hours.
  TEL 06-6292-0166            
You can make an appointment through FAX or WEBSITE at any time.
  FAX 06-6292-1017
You may also email us at for any medical check-up enquiries. We will try to reply and confirm with you within two working days. Please allow time to process. Thank you for your understanding.

* If you are not feeling well now or need to see a doctor immediately to get prescriptions and medicines, please go directly to outpatient service at 1F Osaka Lee Clinic. For more details please check at Osaka Lee Clinic (1F) site.

The clinic is closed on national holidays and during the year-end and New Year holidays. Please check with our receptionist when you make an appointment. For more details of the closure dates and time, we will update from time to time on the website.

Medical check-up time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
AM9:00~11:30 ×
PM3:30~ 5:00 × × ×

Medical Check-up Plan

We offer various plans at our center.
◆Medical check-up for prevention of lifestyle-related diseases (age 35 and over: Seigatsu Shukanbyou Yohou)
◆Osaka City National Health Insurance Specific Medical check-up (over 40 years old: Tokutei Kenshin)
◆Osaka City Stomach Cancer Check-up (over 40 years old: Stomach Barium X-ray)
◆Osaka City Lung Cancer Check-up(40 year old and over: Chest X-ray)
◆Osaka City Colorectal Cancer Check-up (40 years old and over: 2 day's stools test)
◆Health checkup at the time of employment, general statutory periodic medical check-up, etc.
◆For detailed information on medical checkups, click the button below to view the PDF file containing the plans. You can also view additional options that not included in the plans. Please view both PDFs and select the medical check-up course that suits to you.

Make a Reservation

Please have your health insurance card ready and proceed to the application form.
※If you have a Japan Health Insurance Association insurance card and want to undergo a lifestyle disease prevention medical examination, please press the button on the lower left.
※If you would like to have a regular medical examination, an employment medical examination, a specific medical examination, or an Osaka city cancer screening, please click the "Other reservation" button.

Medical Check-up Precautions

There are some precautions that need to be taken depending on the content of each medical checkup, so please read the medical checkup guide and come to our center.
If you have any questions, please contact our Health Checkup Center.

1What to bring: List for medical examination

Please check back on the day of the event to confirm.

  • Health Insurance Card *Not required for the health examination at the time of employment.
  • Health Questionnaire (Medical Questionnaire) *Please make sure you have filled in the form correctly.
  • Fecal specimen container* If applicable (if included in the kit sent to you) (please collect and bring the specified number of stool samples within 3 days including the day of the examination)
  • Sputum container* If applicable (in the kit sent to you) (for the specified number of times: please collect sputum within about 3 days including the day of examination and bring it with you)
  • Contact lens case* if applicable (The fundus examination will be performed with the naked eye.)


(Because the inspection will not be possible, please be sure to check)

  • The day before the medical examination, I finished eating by 9 pm and did not take anything after that.
  • *Please do not take any food, vitamins, alcoholic drinks, juice drinks, cigarettes, gum, etc. until you receive it.
  • *Those who receive stomach X-rays should eat digestible foods the evening before.
  • * You can drink water until bedtime the day before, but do not drink it on the day.
  • *If you are taking blood pressure medicine, please take a small amount of water when waking up.


  • When wearing a T-shirt, there are no printed patterns or buttons.
  • Clothing divided into upper and lower.

4Other notes

  • *Medical examination includes urinalysis. If you forget your urine test container, please avoid urine immediately before.
  • *If you are currently receiving medical treatment from a doctor and taking medication, please let us know when you visit.
  • *If you are currently pregnant or may be pregnant, please be sure to let us know at the reception/X-ray room.
  • *Because there are radiographs, please remove accessories such as necklaces and magnetic therapy devices in advance.
  • * Fundus inspection is performed with the naked eye. If you are using contact lenses, please bring a case, and if you have disposable contact lenses, please bring an alternative contact lens or glasses.

Precautions for those who undergo a gynecological checkup

Our medical examination center will make reservations for affiliated medical institutions.

Precautions for those who undergo a gynecological checkup

  • * Mammography is not available for people using breast implants, pacemakers, shunts, etc.
  • *If you are currently pregnant or may be pregnant, please contact us in advance as stimulation of the mammary gland may cause uterine contraction.
  • *It is most suitable for the test a few days after your period is over. Please make a reservation at this time as much as possible. (It is not suitable for about 1 week during menstrual period.) For menstruation, we recommend changing the schedule.
  • *If you only have a gynecological checkup, please wear clothes that are easy to put on and take off.